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Nottinghamshire Police Service, formed out of the old county and city forces, is headquartered in Nottingham. Today, the Service employs some 4,000 men and women as regular officers, special constables and support staff who are responsible for the effective policing of a diverse geographic area that represents more than 1,000,000 residents.

Nottinghamshire Police has a 500-strong vehicle fleet that includes: police cars, covert operation and specialist vans, traffic scooters, horseboxes and a mobile police station. Repairing and maintaining this fleet to ensure optimum safety and vehicle availability has always been key to Nottinghamshire’s public service remit … but at the same time an onerous and administration-heavy activity.

So, when the UK government launched its 1992 Private Finance Initiative (PFI), which offered private sector capital and technologies to public sector organisations, Nottinghamshire Police Service decided to use the funding opportunity to outsource its fleet management. By entering into an innovative 25-year partnership with specialist fleet services provider Venson, Nottinghamshire Police has been able to achieve an impressive 98 percent vehicle availability target that has delivered significant cost-benefits.

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