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International supplier of refrigeration and air conditioning systems J & E Hall Limited will have been a client of Venson Automotive Solutions for almost 17 years when the current contract concludes at the end of 2012.
Like many companies, vehicles are essential to the successful operation of the Dartford-based J & E Hall business, but in the mid 1990s the company decided that outsourcing management of the fleet to experts would deliver the optimum performance solution.
Venson was subsequently chosen as the provider and following the recent signing of a new three-year contract, J & E Hall’s HR director Clive Morgan sees no reason to look for an alternative supplier.

Cost competitiveness and customer service key criteria

He explained: “Before signing the new contract we undertook a benchmarking exercise against Venson’s major marketplace competition and the company performed very well against our key criteria of cost competitiveness and customer service.

“Over the years Venson has got to know our fleet and our drivers very well and the related benefits are far-reaching. Not only are we able to gain from Venson’s marketplace buying-power, but their consultancy approach ensures that we can make fleet policy changes swiftly to reflect legislation and taxation changes thus benefiting both the company and our drivers.”

J & E Hall currently operates an all diesel nationwide fleet of 82 cars and 49 light commercial vehicles operated on a 48-month replacement cycle with mileage pooled to keep end of contract charges in check.

In addition to supplying the vehicles on contract hire and fleet management agreements, Venson also provides a range of additional services including vehicle service maintenance and repair, vehicle rental and accident management.

A further facet of the partnership is Venson’s one-stop shop approach to vehicle equipping and delivery which means that vehicles are supplied to J & E Hall ready for immediate use.

Estate cars are supplied by Ford direct to Venson’s unique Equip-For-Service facility in York where they are fitted with full height steel guards to ensure tools and equipment are restrained in the load compartment.

Quarterly review meetings underline consultancy approach

Venson underlines its supply of vehicles and services by conducting quarterly review meetings with Mr Morgan, who, as HR director, is responsible for the fleet.

He said: “At the meetings Venson presents me with detailed management reports on every single aspect of the fleet. I can then see at a glance exactly what the analysis shows and the costs facing the business.

“In between meetings Venson’s consultancy approach ensures that we are kept informed of any issues that require immediate attention so that our fleet continues to operate efficiently and effectively to the benefit of the business.”

Mr Morgan added: “This approach enables me and the business to focus on core activities, but our relationship with Venson means that I know that any vehicle or driver-related issues and changes in tax and legislation that impact on our fleet will be immediately brought to my attention.

Minimising vehicle downtime

“Ensuring vehicle downtime is kept to an absolute minimum is one of the key priorities for the business. Venson is well aware of this and works to continually ensure that vehicles are on-the-road 24x7 to ensure that our drivers can meet the expectations of our customers.”

One of the issues facing J & E Hall this year is to further improve its occupational road risk management policies and procedures.

Mr Morgan said: “Venson offers a very comprehensive health and safety solution in terms of licence checking, driver assessments and additional training. Duty of care is hugely important to the business, but in the at-work driving arena is also very complex.

“Therefore I am taking professional advice from Venson and we may look to introduce some new initiatives later this year.”

A company of long-standing pedigree

J & E Hall can trace its illustrious history back to 1785 and a one-man workshop in Dartford.

But today, while the company’s headquarters remains in Dartford, it has been transformed into a leading global supplier in the refrigeration and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industries. Its key activities include the design, development and manufacture of refrigeration and HVAC solutions.

Manufacturing sites are located in the UK, Italy, China and Malaysia, while the company’s sales teams span the globe. 

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