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A consultative approach to company car operations by Venson Automotive Solutions is helping global engineering group Meggitt PLC and its fleet drivers reap financial savings.

Venson Automotive Solutions won the contract to deliver fleet management and a range of related services to Dorset-headquartered Meggitt in June 2010 following a competitive tender.

Meggitt, which specialises in extreme environment components and smart sub-systems for the aerospace, defence and energy markets, has a UK-based company car fleet numbering 121 vehicles, which are replaced on a five-year/100,000-mile cycle.

Drivers have an open company car choice with vehicles on the all-perk fleet now subject to a carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions cap to comply with Meggitt’s environmental policy.

Meggitt outright purchases its vehicles with Venson Automotive Solutions handling drivers’ selection process and ordering through its online Venson Interactive service.

Additionally, Venson Automotive Solutions provides a core fleet management service, accident management and short-term hire. From January 1, 2011 the range of services will be expanded with the implementation of Venson Safeguard - supporting Duty of Care requirements. This will include checking the validity of driving licences of staff at the wheel of company cars and employees driving their own cars on business - the so-called ‘grey’ fleet.

As well as providing services via the internet through Venson Interactive, Meggitt employees have access to their own dedicated account team for advice and information.

Meggitt Group HR Manager Vanessa Ramsden said: "We went out to the marketplace and conducted a request for costs and a request for quotes. It came down to three providers to replace our existing fleet management company.

"Commercially there was little difference in the selected companies. However when the Meggitt team met with Venson staff there was a clear fit between the synergies of Meggitt and Venson."

Although Meggitt had already started to look at putting its company car choice list on to a whole-life cost footing - historically vehicle P11D values had been used – and taking into account vehicle emissions, it was Venson Automotive Solutions that completed the analysis.

Ms Ramsden said: "We had already begun to look at basing our choice list on vehicle wholelife costs as a low list price does not always signify that models are cost effective to operate.

"We also wanted to introduce an environmental element to the company car decision-making process.

"Venson helped complete both processes so that we now have a choice list packed with cars that are cost-effective to operate and meet our environmental policy. We have an emissions cap at 160 g/km although directors can choose vehicles up to an emissions limit of 175 g/km.

"It now means that from the company’s perspective we are operating a cost-effective environmentally-friendly fleet, while the CO2-based benefit-in-kind structure rewards drivers who choose low-emission models, which also deliver the best MPG."

A further benefit of the business partnership is that while the Meggitt fleet policy is set centrally, fleet administrators at each of its 10 UK locations can log into Venson Interactive and obtain management information reports.

Venson Automotive Solutions’ sales director Simon Staton said: "We pride ourselves on delivering a consultancy approach to all our clients to ensure they operate the most cost-effective and efficient fleet possible.

"Additionally, while Venson Interactive provides a wide-range of online help to fleet decision-makers and drivers sometimes customers want to speak to our fleet experts. We do not operate through a call centre, instead customers’ phone through directly to their dedicated account team where they receive personal service every time."

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