Tyres: From Formula Motorsport to Fleet

Fleet decision-makers and company car and van drivers can spend hours looking for, test driving and ultimately speccing their next vehicle.  However, it is almost a racing certainty that in searching out the very latest technology and available ‘bells and whistles’ the one feature they probably ignore is tyres.
Yet, in many ways, tyres are perhaps the most critical feature or item of equipment on any vehicle. After all the essential ‘contact area’ –
no larger than the palm of a hand – is all that
is linking the car or van to the road.
Just as motor manufacturers are jointly spending hundreds of millions of pounds researching and developing electric and autonomous vehicles, so the world’s major tyre manufacturers are also looking to the future. What that means is:
  • The arrival of the intelligent tyre – the so-called tyre with a ‘brain’.
  • QR codes perhaps engraved on tyres to aid fleet tyre management.
  • New solutions in an era when the arrival of plug-in vehicles is putting added pressure on tyres.
  • Fleet operators having to make tough decisions on whether ‘summer’, ‘winter’ or the fast-emerging breed of ‘all-season’ tyres should be fitted to vehicles.
  • Understanding tyre procurement and why buying tyres online may not always be what it seems.

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