Making Britain EV Proud

Venson welcomes transport secretary’s plans for “iconic” EV charger roll out to boost EV adoption

 The COP26 announcement recognises continued consumer concern over the UK’s charging infrastructure

Venson Automotive Solutions is applauding news that the UK government plans to roll out a new “iconic” electric car charger across the road network from 2022, with the ambition of making them as recognisable as London buses and red post boxes. The announcement follows concerns voiced by motorists over the lack of charging facilities nationwide, with 63% of those surveyed by Venson calling for greater investment by government in public charging points.

Unveiled by transport secretary Grant Shapps at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, the new charger has been designed by the Royal College of Art (RCA) in partnership with PA Consulting. Details of its charging capacity and dimensions have not yet been revealed, nor has the government outlined its plans for a nationwide roll-out, but the Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles (OZEV) – which commissioned the design – claims the priority for the project is “putting ease of use and accessibility at the heart of EV charging”.

Consumer opinion garnered by Venson throughout 2021 has confirmed that a lack of confidence in the UK’s charging infrastructure and charging capacity has halted plans for an EV adoption for many. 68% of drivers would be more likely to make the switch to an EV if they knew they could conduct a rapid 30-minute charge at an electric forecourt rather than the inconvenience of charging their vehicle at home.

Venson backs OZEV claims that the project will go a long way to making EV charging more convenient for all. Alison Bell, Marketing Director for Venson comments, “The move will be applauded by motorists who remain uncertain about the practicalities of charging EV batteries, including charging times and home charging. Whilst it is uncertain if the UK government plans to standardise the new ‘iconic’ design for use by all EV charger manufacturers, or how else it could form part of the government’s wider plans to electrify the transport industry, its ambitions are a big step in the right direction to bolster both consumer confidence and support.

“Concerns of company car drivers however also need to be addressed, with one in four we surveyed calling for the transport secretary to introduce new legislation to encourage businesses to move to fully electric company cars and commercial vehicles within the next five years. These calls have yet to be answered.

“However, the Government’s recommendations to introduce a statutory obligation for local authorities to plan and deliver an EV infrastructure in their area – a proposal that was supported by 43% of motorists we surveyed – combined with an ever-improving battery performance, the falling cost of EVs and now, an iconic charger designed to engender pride amongst motorists, will help to promote the technology as a viable choice for private and company car owners.”

Venson has produced a number of whitepapers focussed on the benefits of EV fleets, including details of the costs and convenience of EVs and answering key questions that could be creating barriers to greater EV ownership. Fleet managers and commercial drivers can visit  to download a free copy.