Switch On An Electric Fleet

Latest Venson white paper shares current insights and advice to break through perplexity around financing, charging and onboarding electric cars and vans

Less than a decade before the planned end of the production line for fossil fuel powered cars, and fifteen years before van production hits the same milestone, Venson Automotive Solutions is helping fleets imagine their life with an Electric Vehicle (EV). Whilst the Government has confirmed the continuation of low Benefit-in-Kind tax rates for electric company cars, and grants for electric car and van purchases, many drivers and fleet managers are uncertain about taking the plug-in plunge.

In a new white paper, ‘Living with your electric vehicle’, Venson shares insights, advice and examples that will help answer the multitude of questions would-be EV owners or fleet managers may have. The paper, which is free to download from the Venson website, looks at the most popular EV models available today; work, home and public charging options; and the details of how fleets can onboard EVs. It also covers the various financial incentives of EV ownership, many of which are set to end long before 2030.

“Electric vehicles are no longer the stuff of science fiction, but they do remain somewhat mystifying to drivers of petrol and diesel vehicles,” commented Alison Bell, Marketing Director at Venson Automotive Solutions. “EVs have been familiar sights on our roads for a decade now and most manufacturers are producing at least one electric model, but in many people’s eyes they still carry the poor reputation of early models. However, both the technology and infrastructure have advanced dramatically in the intervening years, and the transformation is set to accelerate further ahead of the 2030 deadline for fossil fuel-powered cars.

“The industry is on the brink of a seismic shift that will see the 2020s go down in history, just like the industrial revolution. Of course, any significant change brings uncertainty and questions, and we hope our latest white paper answers some of those, so more people will make the switch sooner. With both battery tech and charging infrastructure growing daily, and financial incentives the best they have ever been, there has never been a better time to go electric.”