Drivers call for manufacturers to increase hydrogen investment

Following the UK Government’s recent announcement of incentives to boost production of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, a Venson Automotive Solutions survey has shown that drivers want manufacturers to dramatically increase investment in the technology. 63% of respondents believe vehicle manufacturers should invest as much time and money in bringing hydrogen cars to UK roads, as they are with electric vehicles (EVs).

When asked about their potential interest in owning a hydrogen-powered vehicle, if price, availability and the charging infrastructure were comparable to the EV alternative, respondents were very open to hydrogen. 11% believe they would definitely choose a hydrogen vehicle while only 7% more would opt for an EV. 39% would consider both EV and hydrogen and make an informed choice based on budget and vehicle model preferences, while just 6% would use emissions credentials as the deciding-factor.

“Although drivers are looking at how they can reduce the environmental impact of their vehicles, the old priorities still take precedent,” commented Alison Bell, Marketing Director for Venson Automotive Solutions. “We all want to do what we can to reduce our emissions but not many of us can afford to be led entirely by the emissions data. The vehicle must still be both affordable and suitable for the individual driver’s requirements. The range of electric vehicles has grown rapidly, and with the right investment and innovation, hydrogen vehicles should soon follow suit.”

The latest Venson white paper, ‘On the Road to Hydrogen’, aims to help fleet managers make informed and objective decisions and include the best vehicle options on their fleets. Highlighting the pros and cons of electric, hydrogen fuel cell and natural gas power options for various fleets, the paper explains how hydrogen is being used successfully in local fleets and on constructions sites but additional infrastructure will be essential for mainstream adoption.

Alison Bell continued: “It is undeniable that more investment is needed in hydrogen powered vehicles, fuel production and refuelling infrastructure. However, it is also essential that consumers and fleet drivers are provided with more information on the benefits and options available. Hydrogen may not be a practical option for all fleets today, but it needs to be considered for use in the future, as increased investment leads to falling prices, wider choice and better infrastructure.”

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If price, availability and the charging infrastructure [for hydrogen vehicles] were comparable to the EV alternative, would you…

In your opinion, should all car manufacturers be investing the same amount of time and money in bringing hydrogen cars to UK roads, as they are with electric vehicles?

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