Over a third of drivers would prioritise pothole repair if they were spending the Transport Secretary’s record road and rail investment

But two thirds confirmed they will use public transport more if connectivity is improved

A new survey from Venson Automotive Solutions shows there is overwhelming support for Transport Secretary Mark Harper’s plans to improve transport connectivity through road and rail upgrades, with 80% of motorists surveyed giving it the thumbs up. In addition, 64% of respondents said they will use public transport more for travelling longer distances across the UK if transport connectivity is improved.

However, when asked what they would concentrate on to help improve travel if they were Transport Secretary, their priorities differed somewhat. Top of the ‘to-do’ list is repairing potholes with 34% of motorists saying this is where they would focus their efforts.

Comments Simon Staton, Client Management Director, “A well-planned and integrated transport infrastructure can be a vital ingredient in driving economic growth, which is the main reason behind the Government’s investment. With two-thirds of drivers willing to use trains for longer journeys, it appears plans to upgrade rail network would pay off. Nevertheless, it’s telling that if they were given Mark Harper’s job, the majority of drivers would remain focused on tackling the plague of potholes, which continue to affect drivers so detrimentally in the here and now.”

Almost a fifth of drivers (18%) said they would put the installation of more electric charging points top of their agenda if they were made Transport Secretary. Meanwhile, 16% of respondents said that they would focus on renationalising the train services to help improve UK travel.

As the Government progresses with policies and proposals to reach net zero by 2050, drivers would appear to be lending their support. When asked if they would use aviation as an alternative to driving if there were more regional airports, only 14% responded positively.

Simon Staton concludes, “It is encouraging to see that UK drivers are on board with the concept of a more integrated transport system, one which could make a vast difference to their carbon footprint in the future. The fact that they are concerned about improving the charging network and less keen on using air travel is also positive. Nevertheless, businesses remain under considerable economic pressure, so it is not surprising those drivers would focus on what they think would make the biggest difference right now – fixing their biggest bugbear – potholes.”

If you were the Transport Secretary, what would you concentrate on to help improve travel?


Position Action Percentage of respondents
1st Repair of potholes 34%
2nd More EV charging points 18%
3rd Renationalise the train services 16%
4th Remove LEZ and ULEZ zones 12%
5th Removal of congestion charge 11%
6th Increase maximum speed on motorways from 70mph to 80mph 9%

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