Practicality Trumps Attention-Grabbing for Motorists this Valentine’s Day

Forget alluring car colours, the way to a woman’s heart is through Park Assist but men want to woo with their sound system.

Data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reveals that grey, black and white are the nation’s favourite new car colours, but if money and viability were no object, what would the UK’s car-loving buyers opt for? The answer is probably grey, black and white, according to a new survey from Venson Automotive Solutions*.

Drivers investing in the car of their dreams this Valentine’s Day are more interested in comfort and practicality in the cabin, than expressing their individuality with a car colour that stands out from the crowd, reports Venson. When choosing new car options, just 17% of motorists said they would pick a customised colour, a vehicle wrap or something bling such as gold vermeil or sequins.

The most popular in-cabin or driving option for men was a top-of-the-range sound system, while women chose the practicality of Park Assist. While men want to create in-cabin mood with a premium sound system, practicality is also important to them as tyre pressure warning and heated windscreen were their next most wanted car options. Perhaps with functionalism in mind, the same two options also came in second and third for women, with a heated steering wheel next, just before a quality sound system.

Comments Simon Staton, Client Management Director, Venson Automotive Solutions, “Everyone loves getting a new vehicle. There are so many options to choose from now, albeit at a cost, but if money were no object, what people would select? With 63% of people we surveyed still opting for a standard car colour, it looks like car drivers still want to blend in with the crowd.”

When buying a new car, whether it is private purchase or a fleet vehicle, there are often monetary restraints. For example, manufacturers can charge extra for certain colours, so company car drivers don’t always want to choose one that has an additional cost to it in case they have to forgo another option as their allowance won’t cover everything they want. Alternatively, they may have to add to their monthly allowance or pay more tax (Benefit in Kind).

Simon Staton concludes, “Apart from the temptation of a solid sound system for some men, most drivers tended towards choosing options that would increase the safety of their driving experience for themselves and those around them. It’s good to see that, even when price is not an obstacle, UK drivers are choosing their new car with their head, not just their heart.”


                                                                     Top Five New Car Options

Priority Men Women
1st Sound System Park Assist
2nd Tyre Pressure Tyre Pressure
3rd Heated Windscreen Heated Windscreen
4th Park Assist Heated Steering Wheel
5th Cruise Control Sound System



                                              Money’s no object – Driver’s Favourite Paint Colour

Paint Percentage of drivers
Standard solid or metallic e.g. black, blue, grey 63%
Matte or Pearlescent finish 20%
Customised colour 13%
Bespoke wrap e.g. camo/animal print/flowers 2%
Bling e.g. vivid gold/glitter/diamante 2%

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