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Accident Management

Taking care of everything

Accidents happen and they can be a total pain to deal with so our in house team take the problem out of your hands. Our Accident Management specialists are trained to City & Guilds, Thatcham and Audatex certification. We also follow the BSI’s body shop accreditation scheme and work with Preferred Service Providers. The team act as a central point of contact between all parties and can be accessed directly though our dedicated driver hotline.


Downtime Management

If you have an accident, we need to react quickly so we have a dedicated network of repairers strategically positioned throughout the UK. All of which use the Audatex system to assess damage and we use the latest version of AudaEnterprise Gold. This advanced system speeds up the transfer of estimates and images between our approved repairers and our Accident Management team. More often than not, it negates the need for an engineer to inspect damaged vehicles and ensures that we are only authorising work that relates to the reported claim.

Uninsured Loss Recovery

Speed and claim success rate have been the deciding factors when choosing our partner in this field. Opus Claim Solutions has a superb track record in both of these areas, with a success rate of 98% for successful claims and an average of 95 days for recouping money. And with our super efficient in-house management service we’ll make sure you recoup all costs for a no-fault accident in no time.

Improving Fleet Efficiency

To make sure we keep upping our levels of service, any Accident Management information is proactively reviewed during regular meetings with your dedicated Account Management team. By looking at all the data from our fleet management system we’re able to automatically highlight any trends and make recommendations to increase the efficiency of your fleet. Managing your fleet’s risk profile is also more important than ever with the introduction of the corporate manslaughter act.