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Vehicle Conversions

A bespoke approach to each project

Over the years we’ve equipped all sorts of vehicles for all kinds of industries. Being flexible is key so we offer a service based out of facilities in Yorkshire and Buckinghamshire. With more than 20 years experience, we have fitted out vehicles to suit a range of fleets, operating in the public, blue light, not-for-profit and private sectors.

van with rack

Roof Systems and Storage Solutions

We work with leading manufacturers to ensure we can provide a wide range of solutions. We can supply and fit a range of products from simple roof bars to internal/external glass frails and various sizes of pipe tubes. All the racking, shelving and false flooring products have been hand picked for quality, light weight and safety. All our solutions are modular, scalable and bespoke, which means we are able to help you achieve cost savings across you vehicle fleet.



Our vehicle branding and livery service provides a comprehensive solution for public, blue light, non-profit and private sector fleets. Our services include design, supply and application, using a variety of materials and application techniques.

paint brush and hammer

Lining Solutions

Adding the most appropriate lining to your vehicles can reduce damage keeping them on the road and making them more productive. We create bespoke CNC machined linings to suit any model. We also apply spray on LINE-X protection in a variety of finishes to suit various trades. LINE-X is guaranteed to protect your vehicle from the everyday bangs and scratches. Washing out vehicles is also simpler and safer.

electical system icon

Design and Installation of Electrical Systems

We have many years of experience of installing lighting, power and communications systems. Our knowledge comes from having worked on specialist vehicles for emergency service, public sector fleets and organisations providing a broad range of maintenance services such as housing associations and utility companies.

We can supply and fit:
Beacons and light bars
Security systems Inverters
Split charging systems
Reversing alarms.

Ventilation and Hygiene

The correct ventilation and hygiene systems are vital to the operational effectiveness of some vehicles. We supply and fit a range of practical solutions, including:

Ventilation through the roof and floor
Hand wash units
Deb hand wash systems
Towel dispensers
Eye wash stations.