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Duty of Care

Taking Safety Seriously

This is an essential policy that every company should have in place if their employees drive on company business. It’s serious stuff and your organisation could be found guilty of corporate manslaughter if a death is caused by breaching its duty of care to an employee due to a substantial senior management failure. You can find out more about this legislation and managing road safety at work by visiting HSE Gov website. Our main aim is to make things as straightforward as possible for our customers to implement, monitor and maintain their company fleet policy and procedures. To do this we offer a bespoke programme called Venson Safeguard that promotes a responsible driving culture and minimises prosecution in the event of an accident.


Licence Checking

Whether one of your employees’ drives a company vehicle, has a cash alternative or uses a privately owned car for business, we make sure their licence is thoroughly checked in conjunction with the DVLA. We also extend this to nominated partners. We’ll flag the next ‘check date’ through our system and maintain a full audit trail of licence checks and driver relocations.

Cash for Car Risk Management

We make sure that business insurance is in place for privately owned and cash opt-out cars. Our checks include insurance certificates, MOT certificates, last vehicle service and a full audit trail and reporting to highlight any potential issues.

Risk Assessment

The first thing we do is carry out an assessment working with our partner the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). After that we’ll put together a roadmap for you to minimise risk and save you money.

Driver Training

It’s also really important that your staff take a RoSPA driving risk assessment. Each employee gets a risk exposure rating and, based on their rating, we’ll suggest a raft of solutions, including driver training, driving workshops, one-to-one sessions and e-learning.

Legislative Compliance

We’ve got a firm grip on all legislation and make sure that you do too.